What’s Next?

April 27, 2016

The writing was on the wall. For over a year now, I’ve waffled, hummed, and hawed on what I wanted to do. Last May, I left Shopify. For a brief two months, I filled my time up with conferences and relaxation before taking a position at Xero. Going into Xero, I was apprehensive. It’s probably not the feeling you want to have going into a new job but it was a good offer and I had hope that my...

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Educating Users In App

April 19, 2016

I read this post on the dangers of using ARIA roles with a common markup format for tabs. From the outset, it looked like they were doing everything correctly. Semantic HTML. Added ARIA roles. And yet… Even though they could see that the tabs existed, some people weren’t able to figure out they needed to use the arrow keys to toggle the inactive tabs, so they couldn’t access that con...

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Make the right things easy

April 07, 2016

When I was at Shopify, I started using a motto: Make the right things easy and the wrong things hard. People are lazy. I’m really lazy. Sometimes I’ll drop something on the floor and think to myself, maybe I should just leave it there. No, don’t be lazy, I say to myself, and I pick it up. Maybe. Sometimes. Anyways. Point is, if I have an easy way to do something, I’ll usually t...

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Are you Single?

April 05, 2016

I find it interesting when two (or more) people can say something but the way that something is interpreted can be quite different. Nearly four years ago, Harry Roberts wrote about applying the single responsibility principle to CSS. Within the article, Harry explains how defining too many properties on a class selector may make it difficult to re-use that class in other contexts, thereby r...

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