Design Engineering

November 25, 2014

“Front End Dev isn’t just JavaScript. FED is a melting pot of design & dev skills to implement accessible UIs to accepted standards.” — Matt Hill When it comes to development on Shopify Admin, we have—up until recently—only had two specializations: designers and engineers. There is a third specialization, however, that has had a tough time finding a solid home: front-end...

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Specificity Graphs

November 19, 2014

Harry Roberts recently wrote about creating a Specificity Graph to get a better picture of your CSS. Harry’s conclusion is that a spiky graph is a bad graph. Spikes that occur mid-graph could lead to maintainability issues since CSS that occurs afterwards needs to meet or exceed that level of specificity to override earlier CSS. In a SMACSS world, however, that’s not likely what your spe...

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Evolving Code: From the Crust to the Core

November 17, 2014

At Shopify, as our team scales, we’ve been trying to figure out how to manage the influx of new design and new components into the codebase. On one hand, we want all code to meet our coding standards, use the existing system where it can, and expand it when necessary. As new functionality and new experiments get introduced, we are finding ourselves unsure how best to manage this. Quick a...

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Cleaning the Cruft

August 25, 2014

Cap Watkins had a good blog post about The Dark Corners of Your UI. In it, he talks about how there are parts of a product that can easily become neglected. At Shopify, we often have the same. We’ve recently assigned a designer to review a number of these dark corners and shine some light on them. Cap is right in that many product teams won’t give these areas much priority. As a product ma...

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