SMACSS Rewrite Progress

January 16, 2016

I feel like it’s been more than a year since I mentioned how I wanted to rewrite SMACSS. It’s been slow going, that’s for sure. Mostly because I hadn’t been spending time on it. Apparently, you need to actually write for a book to get written. As the ball dropped to kick off another new year, I decided to get serious about getting the book done. I’ve put together a more concrete outl...

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Habit List

January 13, 2016

I don’t really do new year resolutions but sometimes I start up new things and one new thing that I decided to start doing is using the Habit List app to track and, more importantly, maintain certain habits. Since my theme for this year is Movement, both in exercise and in writing, the items in my list are geared towards that goal. Exercise, 5 days a week Plank, every day Stretch, eve...

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Simplest CSS Slideshow

January 05, 2016

In continuing my exercise of tackling a simple slideshow in different ways, this challenge attempts to make a slideshow without using any JavaScript. Thankfully, I didn’t research this first and just went with it. Yes, this has been done before by other people. Whatevs. Enjoy… To do so, I’ll attempt to do this with CSS animations. This was trickier than expected because, well, math is...

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Simplest JavaScript Slideshow

January 04, 2016

Years ago, I put together a tiny jQuery script for doing a simple slideshow. Due to chaining, it was only a handful of lines. It still needed jQuery, though, which was a 93KB dependency (33KB gzipped). In the six years since then, browsers have improved their DOM APIs. What would it look like if I tried to write this script now without jQuery and used the DOM APIs along with some handy CSS? ...

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